Read for how to enlist here!!!!

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Read for how to enlist here!!!! Empty Read for how to enlist here!!!!

Post  [S-M]ParadoxHD on Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:53 am

Hello before you are in the Clan i will need you to answer some questions. copy and paste the questions below and then answer them at the end of the question.

1.What is your name:

2.Where do you live:

3.Can you donate:

4.Have you been in a clan before:

5.Why did you leave that clan:

6.Why do you wanna join this clan:

7.Who told you about this clan:

8.What was your old clans name:

9.What experience do you have in a clan before:

10.What postion in this clan would you like Admin,Moderator,Member,ETC:

11.Do you have paypal:

12.How old are you:

13.Where do you work:

14.How much do you make at work,ETC:

15.If we need help for donating will you help:

Thank you love:paradoxHD

P.S. put tittle like this Yourname Enlistment

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